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The primary purpose of this website is to tell the story of the News International dispute from the workers’ point of view.  All contributions to the archive are welcome.  If you have material you would like to donate to the archive or require more information please contact us.


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If you are a former News International striker or family member of a striker please supply the name of the person you are representing/enquiring about

Please note that we need email and phone contacts before we can reply. We will reply as soon as possible.  Your name and details will not be shared with any party other than the editors of this site and your rights to privacy are guaranteed as under the Data Protection Act.

The generous support of Unite and other supporting organisations has enabled us to create the website, the oral history and the archive as well as the original exhibition and guide.

Funds are always short of course, so if you would like to make a financial contribution to assist the project please send a cheque made payable to “News International Dispute Archive”,  c/o Unite Community Centre, St Georges Town Hall, 236 Cable Street, London, E1 0BL. You can also use this address if you wish to order the "The Great Printing Dispute" by John Trow, "Bad News" by John Lang and Graham Dodkns, the brochure "The Workers' Story", the DVD "Banging Out" or any of the posters or copies of the "Wapping Post".  Photographs should be ordered direct from the photographers.

Alternatively you can use PayPal here [LINK]

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