The News International Dispute exhibition was displayed at fourteen venues in England between May 2011 and October 2012.  Created to mark the 25th anniversary of the dispute, the exhibition tells the story of the lengths that Murdoch was prepared to go to in his quest to dominate the media by getting rid of trade union organised staffs – production, distribution, ancillary, sales, admin and journalists. The removal of trade union rights remains one of the most important features of life in Britain today. The exhibition panels are reproduced here, along with The Workers’ Story, its accompanying booklet.

The exhibition is still available for display. Contact us for details including how to buy a copy of The Workers’ Story.

EXHIBITION NEWS:  some materials from Fleet Street and the Wapping dispute are included in the new exhibition at the Victoria and Albert Museum "Disobedient Objects".  This exhibition displays material  of all types produced by protest movements and action for social change to publicize their cause or for use in their disputes and struggles.

The News International Dispute Exhibition will be on display again early in 2015 at St Bride Institute, off Fleet Street in central London.  Watch this space for details.

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