News updates: The Scottish Dimension

Following the success of the exhibition and events in London, Manchester, Newcastle and elsewhere marking the dispute, the exhibition will open in Glasgow on Monday 3rd October. It will be on display for a month at the Unite offices in West Regent Street. In January 1986 when Rupert Murdoch, owner of four of Britain’s leading newspapers The Sun, News of the World, The Times and The Sunday Times, moved production from Fleet Street to a secretly equipped and heavily guarded plant at Wapping, in east London, at the same time a new plant was secretly developed at a new, non-union printworks at Kinning Park in Glasgow, where the News of the World was printed for the first time on 25th January. On the same day The Sunday Times was printed at Wapping, followed by The Times and The Sun on the following day. The High Court in London ordered the sequestration of SOGAT funds when distribution workers in London refused to handle Murdoch’s papers. Scottish courts banned SOGAT from threatening the distribution of News International titles north of the border. Additional material on the events in Glasgow and the issues for print and media workers will be found here.

Tony Hall, Wapping veteran striker, cartoonist and graphic artist to the labour movement is remembered in a collection of his cartoons in a booklet published by Unite. Written by Mark Metcalf as part of a series of history booklets, a selection of Tony’s splendidly irreverent cartoons is pictured together with recollections by friends and comrades. The booklet is available from Unite and from the Marx Memorial Library where the entire collection of his original cartoons is archived. Reproductions of two of his superb badges depicting Karl Marx and James Connolly are also available from the Library.

The film "Banging Out" is available as a download and in a special version accompanied by a booklet about the film. Two new films are in preparation. The first examines three disputes, including Wapping, involving direct victimization of trade unionists, the second will cover the Wapping dispute in more detail with eyewitness accounts and comments from sacked workers and their supporters. Two books by veteran strikers/sacked workers are also available via this website: "Bad News" by John Lang and Graham Dodkins, and "Wapping, the great printing dispute" by John Trow. Send us an email to buy any of these items.