In print

There are plenty of contemporary sources for information on the dispute, which were drawn on for the exhibition in 2011. These include the journals of the unions involved: the SOGAT Journal, the NGA’s Print and the NUJ’s Journalist. There was also Free Press, published by the Campaign for Press and Broadcasting Freedom.

The strikers themselves produced two publications: the Wapping Post was in tabloid newspaper format, produced by a group drawn from all unions and supported by some of the London branches of the print unions. Picket was an underground bulletin produced by activists. Both served as a diary of events and ran features reflecting the strikers’ views and emotions during their long struggle.

Complete collections of these publications are in the dispute archive and people are welcome to ask to read them. Copies of the pages will be added to the site as pdfs as time goes on.

There is a website featuring copies of Picket here