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The News International Dispute Archive project comprises this website and oral history, an online archive, the pamphlet The Workers’ Story, and the exhibition ‘The News International Dispute: 25 years on’.

It has been created by printworkers and trade unionists involved in the dispute. Those of us involved in creating this vital archive of working class history acknowledge in particular the generosity and assistance of Unite/GPM & IT sector, and the support of the National Union of Journalists, the Campaign for Press & Broadcasting Freedom and the Marx Memorial Library.

While the narrative corresponds with the general view of the dispute of these four organisations the project especially gives a voice to the sacked workers and their families whose lives were changed for ever. We dedicate our efforts to them and to the principles for which they fought.

Working Party members:
John Bailey, Graham Dodkins, Ann Field, Tim Gopsill, Helen Hague, John Lang, Greg Neale, Tony Newbery, Barry White

Oral history interviewers:
Marie Alvarado, John Bailey, Ted Chard, Rob Dickers, Deirdre Heinrich, Helen Hague, Jeff Howarth, John Lang, Greg Neale, Carol White

Donated material (additional contributions are always welcome):
John Bailey, Brian Browning, Sheila Capon, Jo and Fred Chesterman, Brian Donovan, Tony Dubbins, Ann Field, Michael Flood, Bill Freeman’s family, Tony Hall’s family, John Lang, Bert Large, Billy Osborne, Eve and Paul Osborne, NW Sharp, R.A. Simpson, Ivy Smith, Joe Smith’s family, Pat and Peter Smith, Terry Smith, Bill Tomlinson

Photographs for the website, the exhibition and The Workers’ Story, have been reproduced with the kind permission of:
Stefano Cagnoni/Report, Jez Coulson (IFL), Clare Dove, John Harris (IFL), David Hoffman,  Andrew Moore (Reflex), Morning Star, News Line, Guy Smallman, John Smith, Derek Spiers/Report, Andrew Wiard/Report

Copyright Notice: All Rights Reserved. No part of this website or any of its contents may be reproduced, copied, modified or adapted, without the prior written consent of the author(s), unless otherwise indicated. All the content of this site is the copyright of the News International Dispute Archive or contributors except where otherwise attributed. The NIDA has made its best endeavours to discover the ownership of all material from other sources. Any party claiming the copyright of any non-attributed material should contact info@wapping-dispute.org.uk.

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