Further Reading

Littleton, Sueellen M – The Wapping Dispute (Avebury, 1992). A detailed account of the dispute published as a business/management analysis that examines the origins and influence of the dispute, but not entirely unsympathetic to the unions' position.

McKnight, DavidMurdoch's Politics (Pluto Press, 2012). David McKnight is an Australian academic who argues that Rupert Murdoch’s right-wing politics are the key to his global expansion.  McKnight presents extensive research of these politics in practice in the UK and USA, in Asia and, of particular value to British Murdoch-watchers, in Australia, since the manner of the foundation of the empire is less well known in Britain than it might be.

Morning Star – newspaper of the labour movement covered the dispute throughout, available to view at the Printers’ Collection, Marx Memorial Library.

News Line – Newspaper of the Workers Revolutionary Party (WRP) covered the dispute throughout, available from the WRP.

Police Monitoring and Research Group Briefing paper no 3, Policing Wapping, an account of the Dispute 1986/7 (London Strategic Policy Unit 1987). The report shows theincrease in repressive policing of industrial disputes since1977 by examining police activity during the Wapping dispute.

Melvern, LindaThe End of the Street (Methuen, 1986). By a former Sunday Times journalist, it is the most immediate account of Murdoch's move to Wapping, and was the first report to reveal behind-the-scenes details of how Murdoch’s team and the EETPU set up Wapping in secret.

Paper Boys – Accounts of picketing at Wapping, anonymous, no date, available to view as a pdf and at the Printers’ Collection, Marx Memorial Library.

Picket – A news bulletin produced by supporters of the dispute with contributions from strikers; available as a download: http://libcom.org/history/picket-bulletin-printers-strike-1986-1987.

PrintNational Graphical Association(NGA) journals for the period, available to view at the Printers’ Collection at the Marx Memorial Library.

Sargeant, Jean – Liberation Christianity on the picket line (The Jubilee Group, 1992). A pamphlet by a striker who wasa researcher at The Sunday Times. This is a personalaccount of the dispute and the issues including the actions ofthe police and the role of the media.

Sargeant, Jean and Bedford, CarmelA Sign of The Times, Women in the Wapping Dispute (unpublished typescript, 1987). As well as being a vivid account of the events of the dispute, the book also includes interviews conducted by the authors with a representative sample of the more than 100 women who saw the strike through to the end.  Available to view at the Bishopsgate Institute Library.

SOGAT Journal – Society of Graphical & Allied Trades (SOGAT) journals for the period, to view at the Printers’ Collection at the Marx Memorial Library.

Trow, JohnWapping – The Great Printing Dispute (self-published, 2012). This very personal account of the Wapping dispute links John Trow’s long term employment as a typesetter for Murdoch’s titles and his anger at Murdoch’s disloyalty towards those who made his fortune. He portrays the reality of picketing during the dispute together with the concerns, dislocation and suffering experienced by strikers and their families and the acute disappointment felt when the dispute was called off.  Available via this website.

Wapping Post – A tabloid newspaper produced by a team of NUJ refuseniks and strikers during the dispute and financed by the London print union branches and donations; available to view at the Printers’ Collection, Marx Memorial Library and via this website.

Wintour, Patrick and Goodhart, David - Eddy Shah and the Newspaper Revolution (Coronet Books 1986). An account ofEddy Shah’s dispute with the NGA, his use of anti-union laws,and the impact on national newspapers and their industrialrelations.