Support Groups

Active local support was vital. Local campaigning support groups had been formed across the country during the 1984-85 miners’ strike and some re-formed as printworkers’ support groups.

A co-ordinating team staffed by strikers was set up to liaise with support groups to organise public meetings, fundraising events and speaking engagements as well as regular leafleting and picketing in their areas. A demonstration of all the printworkers’ support groups at Wapping in December 1986 was attended by thousands of supporters.

Solidarity meetings and rallies were organised by trade unions, support groups and trades councils, at transport depots, factories, offices and workshops; by political parties and groups; at universities and colleges, at church halls and shopping centres. Public meetings were held along the route of the Printworkers’ March for Jobs.  

The response of supporters and their own unions, communities and political parties sustained the strikers and their families with their solidarity and by their financial support.